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Sarah Butterfield paints people on beaches, London tube stations at dusk, a busy street cafe and lovers on a motorbike disappearing into the shimmering summertime traffic … anything that contains a glint of fascination for the eye.

She has a particular gift for light. She paints the atmosphere and the time of day. She can capture a pose and what people are feeling.

Her paintings are owned by Jenny Agutter, Professor Brian Cox, Richard Curtis, John Humphreys, Rt Hon Michael Portillo, Lord Coe, HM The King, HM The Queen and Jon Snow.

Sarah has exhibited at major London galleries, including The Royal College of Art, Agnew’s, Cadogan Contemporary, Albemarle and Frost & Reed. She has also exhibited in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Her work is in many public and private collections in Europe and America.

Sarah received the 2018 the Artist Magazine Award at the Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries.

"Sarah Butterfield remains one of the most persistently rewarding artists of her generation and one who herself seems to be set upon an ever more creative journey."

Jon Snow

“Sarah takes risks that carry the vision to the brink of the abstract in Memory and Desire, a series of beautiful colour-swept canvases.”

Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times

“Sarah’s paintings are reflections of the artist herself: they are beautiful, brilliant, eager, wide-eyed, romantic, wanting to please. They are full of light, colour, life, wonder, reverence for the sky and sun and sea; they are enchanting, sometimes surprising, always honest.”


Gyles Brandreth

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